June 25th, 2015

Thanks for your continued prayers for my full recovery. I’m doing well.

I’m pretty much back in the routine of preparing and recording the radio programs. The article I attached to last month’s report, HOW IS YOUR SUMMER GOING, will be in this month’s newsletter from Bible Broadcast Network, sent to 45,000 readers. Please pray that it would encourage and inspire those who read it.

As reported earlier, here is an update on the Russian outreach through Bible Broadcast Network: “I want you to know that we start your program ‘Getting God’s Message’ in Russian this coming Saturday. It will be streamed on the internet Saturdays and Sundays for now, but when we get enough episodes translated and produced, we will extend it to the whole week. Also, today, we made available to our students a new course in our internet Bible Institute, ‘How to Study the Bible,’ based on your book. We continue to work on recording another course based on your book, ‘A Call to Responsible Freedom,’ as well. Let’s pray and see what the Lord is going to do with these great materials. Thanks again for your ministry with us. Andrey”

I’ve enjoyed getting back to meeting with guys on a more regular basis to mentor and encourage. During the summer Mur gets together with her women friends. And Mur and I have folks over to our gazebo for food and fellowship.

Our trip to Wheaton went well. While there we visited with Don Strong and his wife who do the Spanish version of my radio program. Most of our time was spent with family. We’ll be back there for our grandson Jordan and Jenn’s wedding on July 5. Then we’ll go south to visit with our southern family contingent. Everyone is busy, but we are squeezing in as much time with as many as we can. Kids, grandkids and great-grandkids don’t wait for us. We are committed to being a part of their lives, especially through informed prayer.

I would appreciate prayer for this Sunday as I preach at Northview Alliance Church in Wooster, Ohio. The message, A Normal Day in the Life of Jesus, based on John 9, will provide guidance for us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

By the way, a number of folk said they couldn’t get my message on Habakkuk mentioned in last month’s report: I had one wrong digit in the link. Here is the correct link: http://youtu.be/2hEmgUCngNQ

Letters from listeners:

Dear Pastor Golz, Greetings from Nebraska. I have some exciting news to share with you. I have been listening to ‘Getting God’s Message’ for several months. Your ministry is a real blessing in my life. After a resent program I knew it was time to get serious about my faith. I got down on my knees, confessed my sins, repented, and asked Jesus to be part of my life. You showed me His grace, mercy and most of all His love. I am a new Christian because of your efforts…God loves and cares about you, and so do I. I am very grateful that you led me to the Lord. You are a blessing and encouragement to me. Take care. Roger
Dear pastor Lud, I thank the Lord for the privilege, through His son Jesus Christ, to listen to your messages through the internet at work. Your message is very insightful and I am nourished with the word anytime I listened to you. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and use you for HIS glory. I would like to request your book; Light in the Night for Living in the Day.
Hi Lud, I love your program, listen to it on my way to work. But I feel like Paul in Romans…. I know what I want to do, and just don’t do it! Studying or time in the Bible is just so hard for me. Thank the Father for his Son, my Savior, or I would be a waste. So I am humbly asking for your prayers in this matter, thank you for your program and your faith. In Christ
My response to him:
Thanks for sharing your heart concern. That’s the first step, and an important one. It sounds very much like the Psalmist in Psalm 119:33-40. A couple of suggestions: Determine to read something from the Bible on a regular basis – not legalistically, but intentionally. Pray before you start reading – Thank God for the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you something as you read. You can go to my website, www.gettinggodsmessage.org, and at the bottom of the Home page click on the link to download my booklet on Bible study methods. In addition, I would be happy to send you a book I wrote on the life of Paul and the book of Romans – it’s a daily devotional for a year. Each day’s reading would take a couple of minutes, but I think, studying Romans would help you to better understand God’s good news.