Much to be thankful for

November 21st, 2014

WHEW!!!!  The adventure of making three trips South for our three grandson’s weddings, an additional side-trip to Cumming, GA to see our granddaughter’s play lacross and in between go to Wheaton to watch our two grandson’s soccer team win their conference, has kept us busy.  Over 3500 miles on the road!  How grateful we are for your prayer covering during these 6 weeks.  We got to see everyone who is a part of our family – 29 of us now, and awaiting number 30, a girl, due on December 17.  We’ll have pictures in a future report.

While travelling these many miles we also met with some ministry friends, including 2 stops at Bible Broadcast Network in Charlotte.  This is the network that broadcasts my programs in English and Spanish over 250 times a day all over the Western Hemisphere (via additional stations and networks that number is over 400 times daily).  Last Tuesday I had the privilege of speaking at their weekly staff devotional meeting.  After the meeting I met with the director of their web outreach to Russian speaking people all over the world.  We plan to work with him to have some of my material used in their outreach.  Please pray for God’s guidance regarding this additional opportunity.

During this Thanksgiving season we want you to know how much we appreciate your partnership in this ministry.  Without your prayer and financial support we couldn’t do all we do, touching lives for eternity.