June 21st, 2018

We just finished another trip. This time it included a brief time to just relax and enjoy the area around Boyne Falls, MI. Then we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge to Upper Michigan. After visiting with some of Mur’s relatives we drove to Wheaton where we again enjoyed the piano recitals of Matthew and Benjamin, watched Benjamin play in a soccer match and celebrated Matthew’s graduation party from HS. This fall he will be going to Wheaton College. From there we drove to Shelbyville, IN to visit with Mike and Sarah Farnsley and their three children (our great grand-children) in their new location, Mike’s family homestead. Along the way we were in touch with a few other folk. What a blessing to share life with so many.

Since returning home we’ve had our hands full getting caught up. Quite a few of our friends have experienced physical problems. God has graciously kept us feeling well, and our whole family is enjoying good health, God’s blessing and provision in the midst of some transitions.

We have a few more summer “get together” plans. Hopefully you too will enjoy wonderful times throughout the summer months with family and friends. Welcome, if you are coming our way. Make the most of these times, and ask God to use you for His glory.

Lud will be preaching at Christ Community Church, 36407 Ridge Road, Willoughby, OH, this Sunday, June 24, at their 10:00 AM Worship Service. Please pray for God’s anointing and blessing.

It’s always a joy to share answers to your prayers in our behalf:

I got a call the other day from a listener to my radio program. He expressed appreciation for the daily programs and how much they have helped him in his Bible reading and study. He wanted to get a copy of my book on Bible Study Methods, which I gladly sent him. He represents my target audience, those interested in learning how to discover and apply the rich treasures found in God’s Word. Pray for Arthur, and ask that many other listeners to the program will be inspired to follow his example.

Here is an excerpt from a letter written by a 60 year old prisoner in Chesapeake, VA:
I entered prison in April, 2015. I got a Bible and read it from cover to cover in three months, the very best thing that has happened to me, “my spiritual boot-camp.” Prison is “God’s potter’s house. I’m being chastened, corrected, disciplined and groomed for good works.” I can only get a good radio reception outside, weather permitting, when we go for morning outdoors recreation. I only have time for two programs, Getting God’s Message, being one of them. I long for and thirst for growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your ministry is very inspiring, encouraging, informative, illuminating and illustrative. Those two minutes, on the mornings I’m blessed to listen to your program are like a Christmas morning unwrapping gifts!!! Keep up the great service of the Lord and thanks for your faithfulness. I’m due to be released in 2024, so I have plenty of time (God willing) to prepare to trust, to obey and to serve. Prayerfully yours, “a humble servant and slave for Christ Jesus.” Everett.

And from a dear friend:
I sat here praying this morning for you and Mur and suddenly found myself praising and thanking God for how you have mentored me in so many ways…. taking the time to help me, pray through tough passages of God’s Word, encouraging me in my walk with Jesus, and giving me opportunities to minister over the years.
I also thought of you when I recently had the privilege of explaining the Gospel to a 97-year-old man and his 70-year-old daughters at a local restaurant… and led him (and his two daughters) in a prayer to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord as we all enjoyed breakfast together. Why did God keep this man alive so long? I have to believe that, in His abundant grace, he knew June 4th, 2018 would be the day he gave ME the chance to explain God’s awesome plan for humanity to these three individuals… and their chance to respond. Wow… talk about a highlight for 2018. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you in my life.

update for May

May 23rd, 2018

Dear praying friends. May has been a full month, and it’s not over yet. Mur’s women’s Bible Class had their last meetings of the year – they are taking the summer off. I’ve met with many of those I meet with regularly and a few extra men. It is always a joy to see them grow in the Lord. We all need encouragement now and then. A highlight for me this month was being able to witness at Tulane University in New Orleans the UNITED STATES ARMY COMMISSIONING of a young man, 2LT Hunter Spires, who also was honored as # 1 in the class. I started meeting with Hunter at McDonalds or Panera when he was just a kid almost 10 years ago. We’d have a Coke or Ice cream and talk about life. Now he’s an officer in the Army! And he insists on picking up the tab. What a ride he’s been on, and it’s about to get even more exciting. I’m really proud of him and his walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for God’s blessing on his life as he serves God and our country.
This weekend our grandson, Matthew, will be graduating from High School and preparing this summer for starting his college career at Wheaton College next fall.
Please continue to pray for the radio ministry which touches thousands daily around the world.
We love and appreciate each of you. Lud and Mur

Update from Lud and Mur

May 8th, 2018

It’s been over a month since we last sent an update. We’ve been waiting for spring to finally spring. The last few days have almost been like summer. Now scurrying, we’ve been picking up branches and I got our lawnmowers running. We still have things to get done inside, but now with a couple of trips planned, we will be busy.

I have had two recording sessions this month to catch up and get a little ahead. Mur’s Bible Class has its final session this Wednesday, and we’ve enjoyed getting together with a number of folk for great fellowship. We have received emails from a number of folk who have been blessed with readings from my books as well as from listeners to the radio program. It always amazes me to hear of how God sometimes uses one 2-3 minute program to touch a life. Rejoice with us as you read the following two emails from listeners to the Spanish version.

From Allan, San Pedro Sula, Honduras Greetings and God bless you! How pleasant it was to listen to you for the first time. And believe me how this message filled me, and what you said about: 1- Listen what God tells you. 2- Don’t question what God tells you. 3- Be obedient to what God tells you. I thought I was a Christian, but I had died, and now was being born again, like when one is a baby that begins to grow. I experienced the joy, that internal peace, the desire to share the Word and the love; that mysterious love that God gives us. I also have new energy of which I don’t know its origin. I will stay in contact with you, grateful for what you do. Blessings.
From Diana in Mexico: “I ask for your prayers.” I live in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. I listen to you (Consejo Bíblico) every day. You have given me the opportunity to learn more about God. Your words have helped me very much, especially at this time in my life. My husband is a pastor. We have a “Fellowship” in Puerto Escondido. We also have a business we see as our mission, through which we share the Word of God. Recently my husband was falsely arrested and is in prison. While in the jail he has shared God’s Word. God is working in the lives of 45 prisoners who have talked with my husband. I am very thankful to the Lord for this. I only ask for your prayers that God perform the miracle of returning him home and to his people here. Thank you, and may God Bless you, Diana

Easter Update

March 29th, 2018

We are home again after experiencing answers to your prayers for safe travel and God’s enabling power in speaking to the staff of the Bible Broadcast Network. I almost blew it that morning, March 12. I left early for the BBN headquarters. It was dark, windy and pouring rain. Since the drive was less than 10 minutes I left the motel, turned left and started driving in rush hour traffic. After about 10 minutes I didn’t recognize landmarks from the night before, so pulled over and consulted my cell phone GPS, only to find out I was heading in the wrong direction. After another two miles to turn around, I called a friend on staff to let them know I was on my way. I got there just in time to give my message. I started by sharing how I had trusted my own instincts. Belatedly, I checked my GPS. I was lost, but fortunately found out how to get back on track. I pointed out, when we go out into our world trusting our own instincts we often get lost, going in the wrong direction. We need to consult our spiritual GPS, the Bible, to get back on track and in harmony with God’s plan. Only then can God bless our efforts at serving Him. It was embarrassing, but turned out to be a good illustration to introduce my message. God was faithful. Many shared how they appreciated the message. Thanks again for your prayers. I mean it when I say, I need your prayer support!
Mur and I enjoyed spending a few days with the southern contingent of our family. We look forward to spending Easter with our family in Chicago/Wheaton. Please pray for safe travel.

Here is a note from a listener to the program:
Pastor Golz, I often hear you in your 9.05am slot on BBN Radio (Charlotte), and appreciate your Christ-centeredness in opening the Word. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness to Him as a wonderful evangel of Christ.
In His grace, J.M., Publishing Consultant / Editorial Director

God answered prayer

March 5th, 2018

God answered your prayers. Praise His name! And thank you for praying.
The memorial service for former police chief, Jim Jimison, went well. Family members and Bill Repke shared heart-warming memories. I shared a few memories as well, and then pointed out that both Jim Jimison and Billy Graham died on the same day. Both of them had a positive impact on many individuals during their long, distinguished record of service. I believe both of them were now enjoying the joys and blessings of heaven. But they were not in heaven because of their illustrious record of service. They were there because of the amazing grace of God’s forgiveness and loving acceptance when they put their faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Billy made that decision over 80 years ago as a teenager when he responded to the invitation in an evangelistic service. Jim made his decision in his mid 70’s after I shared the Gospel over a cup of coffee at Panera Restaurant. Both of these men received the gift of eternal life by faith. Paul explained this transaction in Ephesians 2:8-10, “It is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Please pray that those who were at the service will remember what was said and respond by receiving God’s gift for themselves. Pray also that many who heard what was shared at Billy Graham’s memorial service will also receive God’s gift.
From there Mur and I went to the annual National Religious Broadcaster’s convention. Amazingly, within the first hour after checking into the hotel I ran into almost everyone I intended to see there. To understand how unusual this is, there are almost 5,000 registered participants!! One of them is the director of a radio ministry in Puerto Rico that carries my program in both English and Spanish. Remember, Puerto Rico was devastated by two back to back Hurricanes last summer. Right after a warm greeting she spontaneously asked if I would record a word of greeting and encouragement to those who listen to their radio stations. Her associate, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle, reached out her cell phone and recorded my one minute add-lib message. Now, that’s what Paul meant when he wrote in 2nd Timothy 4:2, “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season…encourage – with great patience and careful instruction.”
We now are enjoying a few days of rest and reflection. Then, on Monday, March 12, I will be speaking to the staff of BBN, the network that carries my program in four languages. I’ll also be meeting with the Chinese staff that produces my program in Chinese. Please pray these meetings will be blessed by God.
On the family front, our grandson, Zack Wilson, just moved to Dallas, TX with his wife, Erika, and daughter. He will be working for the Josh McDowell Ministries division of CRU. Our granddaughter, Sarah Farnsley, will be moving to Shelbyville, IN in a few weeks with her husband, Mike, and their three children. Mike will be finishing his Seminary studies on line, and looking for work. Please pray for both of these families as they settle in these new endeavors.
Again, thank you so much for standing with us in prayer.