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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

In our last visit we began a biographical study of the life of John Mark, the author of the Gospel of Mark. We found that as a teen he went on a missionary trip with his older cousin, Barnabas, and the apostle Paul. He didn't last long, however, and returned home when the going got tough.

His mother, Mary, was widowed but probably was quite wealthy. The church often met in her home, so Mark got to know the leaders of the early church quite well. When Paul and Barnabas were planning their second missionary trip Barnabas wanted to take Mark with, but Paul would have none of it. So Barnabas took Mark and went to his home in Cyprus and privately disciple him.

Eventually Mark travelled with Peter. That's where he got much of the information for writing his Gospel. Even Paul, at the end of his life, wanted Mark to visit him because he considered him profitable. I correlated this information into an outline: title "Journey to Significance." 1. A recruit. 2. A dropout. 3. A disciple. 4. A servant.

Under point one I put, he had a youthful exposure to Jesus, the church and her leaders.

Under point two, missionary travel was exciting, difficult, but too much of a demand.

Point three included, discipleship was costly, required time and special mentoring.

Point four, a servant leader under Peter, to the church and to the world.

After amplifying the outline I thought a better title might be: An Unlikely Turnaround and Triumph. As you can see from this outline there are many things most of us can identify with. If God could use a guy like Mark in such a unique way, He can use you and me as well.

Let's take courage and make ourselves available and be obedient, no matter what our past has been.



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