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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Let’s continue our study of Acts 20.  I trust you have taken time to read this chapter and reflected on what I already shared.  I identified a title, key verse, significant truth, cross- references, difficulties and some applications.  The next step would be to develop an outline for the chapter.  This is what I came up with: 

Title: Paul, An Example of Faithful Ministry. 

1. He encouraged believers in various cities (v. 1-12). 

2. He enlightened both non-believers and believers as he had opportunity (v.13-27). 

3. He equipped leaders to shepherd the church (v. 28-38).  You could amplify this outline by adding sub-points under each main point. 

Conclusion: Paul worked at his mission with a desire to finish well.  That included preparing for the ongoing work after he was no longer on the scene. 

The final step in this chapter study would be to make a summary statement.  If you were to summarize the chapter, you might write something like this: Paul exemplified what he wanted others to experience.  He wanted to help believers press on even if the going got rough.  He shared the truth of God any time, any place and with sincerity. 

To be sure that what he had started in Ephesus would be carried on he met with the leaders one final time to challenge them regarding the task and the goal towards which they should be moving. 

It’s wise to be more concerned with giving than about receiving. 

In my new book I share many examples of how God enables faithful ministry.  Let me encourage you to get a copy of Light in the Night for Living in the Day.  Just click on “Our Publication” to order your copy.


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