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Friday, October 09, 2009

We have been studying the short book of Jude, which is the next to the last book in the Bible. We are at the place in our study where we should put our thoughts into an outline. When I did this I began with the title we have already identified: Prepped and Kept for the Presentation. Under this title I came up with three points:

1. Jude’s purpose in writing the book
2. The recipients’ problems in living the Christian life
3. God’s provision for the Christians, which would enable them to live as God would have them live
Each of these points could then be amplified. For example, under point one, Jude’s purpose in writing the book, the following information could be listed. He initially intended to expound on the salvation they shared in Christ. Because he was aware of the infiltration of apostate, false teachers he changed his mind and urged them to contend for the faith. 
Under this point he gave them both a defensive and offensive strategy. Defensively he explained that they needed to know their enemy. He gave more space to this than to the offensive strategy. He illustrated from history characteristics about the enemy and the futility of following their teaching and example. His offensive strategy included reminding them of Who was with them and for them – God. 
He then encouraged them to concentrate on building themselves up in their faith. They needed to make sure they had a healthy, strong relationship with God. 
Having done that, they needed to do what they could to help bring others with them in their life’s journey to heaven. 

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