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Friday, October 01, 2021

In our last two visits we focused on David and Nabal as we considered one day in the life of David as described in 1 Samuel 25.  Let’s now study the life of Abigail and the significant role she played in this drama. 

She was the wife of Nabal.  How she came to be his wife is not revealed.  Since she is introduced as being an “intelligent and beautiful woman,” it is likely their marriage was arranged because of Nabal’s wealth.  She had no doubt been in awkward situations before, created by Nabal who “was surly and mean in his dealings.”  This one, however, had the makings of total destruction. 

When the servant informed her of what was transpiring she sprang into action.  She had prepared for such an emergency and was able to whip together the fixings for a banquet on the range for David and his 600 men!  She clearly had a cool disposition.  She shrewdly pulled this off without informing her husband.  Once the food was ready she marched out to the valley where David and his troops were approaching. 

Her courage and intelligence is evident as she made a persuasive appeal to David.  She humbly took ownership for her husband’s foolish actions and asked for forgiveness.  She made it clear she was innocent since she knew nothing about what had happened until she was informed by her servant. 

There is a hint at a suppressed anger she had toward her husband’s irresponsible behavior, but she kept her cool before David, her servants and even her wicked husband.  God vindicated her as David declared, “Praise the Lord…May you be blessed for your good judgment.”


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