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Thursday, August 05, 2021


We now come to the final “C” in the three “C” Bible study method, or topical study.   We started by collecting information on the topic of Joy.  Then we correlated the information into an outline.  Under the title: Cultivating a Joyful Spirit, we developed three points – joy through fellowship, joy through service and joy through worship.

Based on this outline let’s crystallize the material into some conclusions and/or applications:

1. Christian joy is found through participating with God in the developing of other lives and in creating and cultivating mutually supportive relationships. Like Paul, we need to share our Christian faith with others, seeking to help them take the step of receiving Christ as their personal Savior.  Then we need to disciple or mentor them into maturity.  As we do this we need to recognize this is a two way process.  As we help them grow we need to be open to what they can contribute to our continued growth as well.  Praying for each other is a significant factor in this. 

2. I can bring joy to others by sharing what God is doing in my life. This can be done, preferably in person, face to face.  But it can also be done by phone, letter or email, or other social communication tools.  Sharing prayer requests, and then reporting on answers to those prayers, brings joy to the heart.  Sharing what God is doing in your lives also stimulates joy.  Paul shared with the Philippians how much he rejoiced in their ongoing financial support.  When God used his efforts, made possible by their support, he let them know.  This brought them joy.  Sharing pays rich dividends.



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