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Thursday, May 16, 2019

We have been doing a chapter study of Luke 24 by establishing a title, a key verse, a summary statement, listing questions that arise and checking cross-references.  All of this preparation work is necessary to develop an outline that coordinates all the information collected from the chapter. 

Under the title: He opened their minds!  I came up with three points.  He opened their minds by encountering them, by enlightening them, and by enlisting them.  You can amplify these points by using the information collected.  

Under the point, encountering them, you could list the following: angels met the women at the tomb and told them, “He is risen!”  They reminded them what Jesus had told them, and they remembered His words.  Peter was curious enough to go to the tomb and found it empty.  When he went away he wondered to himself what had happened.  Later in the chapter it says “The Lord has risen and has appeared to Simon.”

Verses 13 - 32 describe the experience of two who had followed Jesus on their way home.  Under cover Jesus engaged them in a conversation that lasted till they reach their home in Emmaus.  They invited Him to stay with them.  After starting to eat a meal with them, they recognized Him and He suddenly disappeared.  After they returned to Jerusalem He again appeared to those gathered in a room in Jerusalem. 

All of these encounters were different, but they clearly woke those people up to the fact that Jesus was alive and ready to meet them and help them.


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