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Monday, May 13, 2019

                              In our last visit we began a study of prayer in the life of Jesus as found in the Gospel of Luke.  The title I came up with was, Prayer, a Key to Effective Living. Then I started amplifying the three points in the outline.  Let’s continue amplifying point two, the purpose of prayer.

                     Jesus prayed for others that God would meet their need.  Often they weren’t aware of their need, like when Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail.  He also prayed that those who crucified him would be forgiven.  Throughout His ministry Jesus modeled prayer to his disciples.  He often prayed in their midst.  After they saw him pray they asked him to teach them how to pray.                                         

                      In thinking about point three, the power of prayer, I noted the Holy Spirit empowered Him as He prayed.  He got direction for where he should minister next.  Also, whom He should select to be his disciples.  That decision was preceded by a night of prayer.  The impact of His life flowed from His prayer life. 

                     Now, after collecting information and correlating it into an outline, the next step is: crystallize what you’ve learned into some applications.  My first application was to make time daily to get alone with God for prayer.  Then, as I face important decisions, I need to ask God for guidance.  When I feel inadequate, or what I have for a project is inadequate, I should thank God for what I do have and trust Him to use what I have to accomplish the project.

                      Remember, with God nothing is impossible.


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