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Friday, May 10, 2019

Prayer is highlighted in the Gospel of Luke as being important in the life of Jesus. Let’s do a topical study of prayer based on Luke’s Gospel.  First, collect all the references where Jesus is praying or talking about prayer.  Reflect on each reference and its context and write out what you find on prayer.  Then correlate the information into an outline. 

                   Here’s what I came up with: the Title – Prayer, a Key to Effective Living.  Three main points are: the practice of prayer, the purpose of prayer, and the power of prayer.  Then amplify each point. 

                   Under the practice of prayer I noted that Jesus made time for prayer.  Chapter 5:16 says He often retreated to lonely places to pray.  If He didn’t find time during the day, He’d pray at night.  On at least one occasion He prayed all night.  He prayed regularly, generally privately and at times intensely.  To Him prayer was serious business and a vital part of His daily life. 

                   Under the purpose of prayer I noted that prayer often put Him in a position where his Father could bless Him.  For example, at His baptism and at His transfiguration.  When in a situation where what was available to Him was not adequate to meet a need, He would give thanks for what He had.  He knew, if He was grateful for what He had it would be multiplied by the Father and be adequate, as seen when He fed the 5000.   In the garden of Gethsemene He prayed for Himself as He prepared to face the cross.


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