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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Let me reaffirm what our objective is for this radio and internet ministry.  My prayer is that you, the listener, will be encouraged to read and study the Bible with greater enthusiasm and understanding.  To this end I share the Bible Study methods I use in getting God’s message as I read and study the Bible.  

In a conversation with my nephew, Brian Rapske, a professor at a seminary we talked about a class he was teaching on interpreting the Bible.  I asked him what the most important thing is he emphasizes in this class.  Without hesitating he affirmed – “The three C’s: Context, context, context.”  I asked him to explain. 

The first context is the historical context.  As he explained it I was reminded of an enlightening moment in my own journey of learning how to study the Bible.  I’ll share this in our next visit. 

The second “context” he referred to was the actual context of the portion you are studying.  Is the style of writing poetical or factual, illustrative or didactic, addressing a particular situation or is it generic to every situation?  What do the original words and tenses mean? 

The final “context” is what we bring to the process of interpreting.  Is our understanding influenced through the lens of our sex, our socio-economic, cultural or educational background?  If we’re honest, we bring our personal experience to our perception of what a given scripture says.  We’ll explain this more fully in subsequent visits.


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