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Thursday, November 15, 2018

I once read that Plato, the Greek philosopher, said, “We must lay hold of the best human opinion in order that borne by it as on a raft, we may sail over the dangerous  sea of life, unless we can find a stronger boat, or some sure word of God, which will more surely and safely carry us” (italics added). 

In our last study we saw Peter clearly declaring: we have in the Bible a “sure word of God,” which will surely and safely carry us over the dangerous sea of life.  Let’s continue our study by answering the question, Why did God give us His Word, the Bible? 

It is through God’s Word that we are given new life according to 1 Peter 1:23.  In this new life we are purified by obeying God’s Word and nourished for growth by desiring or craving it.  It gives us hope as we face the future, because God promises to keep His Word.  We are foolish to disobey God’s Word because we’ll stumble and fail in life if we do.  If we tamper with God’s Word it leads to our own destruction. 

Two final things, 2nd Peter 3:16 says there are some things in God’s Word that are not easy to understand.  Patiently pursue the truth.  And 1st Peter 3:1-6 says, when a believing woman is married to an unbelieving husband she is to win him by her behavior and character, not her words.  Her life might be the only Bible her husband ever reads. 

If our lives conform to the Word of God we’ll be more effective in sharing God’s Word with others.  That’s why we should hide God’s Word in our hearts.


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