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Friday, July 27, 2018

In our focus and amplify study of the book of Romans we come today to chapters 9-11 where Paul gives an historical perspective to salvation.  In chapter 9 he explains God’s sovereignty in our salvation.  In referring to Jacob and Esau he shows how God chose Jacob, the younger, before they were even born.  It’s hard to understand God’s sovereign election, but it is unmistakably presented here. 

Chapter 10 explains the human side: we need to make a choice to receive the offer of God’s grace; then choose to share with others the availability of God’s grace.  We are responsible for these choices.  Don’t get proud about being one whom God chose.

In chapter 11 Paul points out that Gentile believers have the opportunity to be saved because of the hardness of Israel.  God took a wild olive branch, Gentile believers, and grafted it into a cultivated olive tree, Israel.  God is able to bring those hard-hearted, cut-off olive branches back to Himself and graft them back into their own olive tree.

In wrestling with election and free will, J.I. Packer says what appears to be contradictory is in fact complementary.  It’s an antinomy.  Light can be defined both as waves and as particles.  These appear to be mutually exclusive, yet both are true, and therefore, complement each other. 

So it is with Salvation.  I must choose Jesus Christ by faith to be saved.  All who choose Christ by faith were chosen by God.  Don’t worry about God’s part.  Your responsibility is to make the right choice: “Call on Jesus Christ by faith and you will be saved.”  Do it today.


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