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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When does God promise to bless our obedience? Is it when our obedience and diligence accomplish a project? Is it when we fulfill a promise made? If we promise to tithe our annual income will his blessing wait until the full tithe is paid? 
No. Two times in Haggai chapter 2 the prophet says, “from this day on” (verses 15 & 18). What day was he referring to? He was referring to the day when the foundation of the temple was completed, verse 18. It was not when they laid the final brick in completing the rebuilding of the temple. It was when they finished laying the bricks in the foundation. 
God wants to bless us, but He waits for us to start doing first things first. Why is it so hard for us to figure this out? Or, if we’ve figured it out, to do it? Whatever it is that God asks of us, beware of putting it off to do other things. This is especially true if the other things are primarily related to benefiting us or fulfilling our personal desires. 
Always ask yourself, “What do I believe is to be done first in God’s plan?” It might not seem very significant to us. We might be comparing what we are doing with what others have done or are doing. We might be discouraged while we start doing what God wants us to do. But if we start doing it, from that very day on God says in Haggai 2:19, “I will bless you.” 
Trust Him and obey Him. You will see for yourself, even as the Israelites did, that the first thing God asks of you is to do first things first. There is always time to do other things after the foundation of God’s plan is in place.

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