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Friday, March 27, 2020

Today I’d like to start looking at the final point in our study of the topic of faith in Romans 3:21-6:23.  What is the outcome of faith – What happens when one believes?  We’ll be in this study for a while, because there is so much to cover. 

Let me begin by saying, David referred to the outcome as blessedness in chapter 4:6.  Your life will be truly blessed when you believe in God. 

Let me list some of the words used to describe this blessedness: righteous, justified freely, redeemed, forgiven, peace with God, grace, love, saved from God’s wrath, reconciled, a new life, eternal life, free from sin.  What a banquet spread to feast on and rejoice over.  All of this is promised with a guarantee to those who believe in Jesus Christ.  This is what you receive when you accept God’s provision of salvation by faith.  You can’t receive these blessings by working for them or trying to produce them.  You can only receive them by faith in Jesus Christ. 

Let me remind you again that believing is not to be understood as an act that merits anything from God.  Look at Romans 3:22, “This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ.”  All our attempts at producing a righteous life to be accepted by God fall short.  The righteousness that God accepts is provided by Him as a gift. 

Abraham was declared righteous when he believed God.  David refers to the same thing in his experience.  You too can be seen as righteous before a holy God if you take the simple step of trusting in Jesus Christ, asking Him to be in control of your life!      


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