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Pastor Lud Golz

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Before continuing our study on faith let me share how God used some of what I shared yesterday about spreading His Word. 

Once on a flight from Prague to Zagreb in Europe I sat beside a young businesswoman.  God orchestrated this encounter.  She missed her flight from Paris the day before.  While waiting for our flight she asked God to give her a spiritual encouragement.  Of all the possible seating options on that flight my seat reservation was next to her. 

We started a conversation early in the flight.  As it moved to spiritual things she shared her search for meaning in life.  As I explained the Gospel it became obvious that though she had prayed for Christ to come into her life in a Bible class she attended she was still confused and without assurance.  I was able to help her from God’s Word, pray with her, and give her my business card and a copy of one of my books that had been translated into her mother tongue. 

A few weeks later she e-mailed me the following: “Hi!  I’ve just been on your website and read today’s and yesterday’s transcripts.  The archives will surely be a great help in my understanding the Bible and applying it in my life.  I need it daily!  Thanks a lot for the book and your encouragement.  The book has helped me clarify some of my questions, especially about prayer.” 

I share this experience for two reasons.  Praise to God for how he directs our steps when we seek help or desire to serve Him.  Second, to thank you who pray for me.  I consider you a vital part of this ministry.  Please keep it up.


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