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Thursday, February 20, 2020

In our last visit we started studying the New Testament book of Romans using the focus and amplify study method.  After reading it I felt the focus should be: The Key to Abundant Living.  In the introduction, verses 1-17, Paul said the key is the Gospel.  Now consider how this focus is amplified.

In verses 1:18-3:20 Paul argues that all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory.  This shows the universal need for salvation.  Beginning at 3:21 through chapter 6 Paul amplifies God’s answer to the sin problem.  This is the available provision of salvation.  In chapters 7 and 8 Paul amplifies what is known as sanctification, how the Holy Spirit makes this possible.  In chapters 9-11 Paul amplifies the historical setting in which salvation and sanctification takes place.  This gives us the historical perspective to salvation.  It is somewhat parenthetical and helps us get perspective on God’s plan in human history.  The final point Paul makes is in chapter 12 through 16, amplifying steps to integrate the truth of salvation into daily behavior: the practical outworking of salvation.  Here you get snapshots of what it looks like to live in our kind of world as a saved person who is in process of being sanctified. 

Once the focus of the book is amplified in these 5 main points Paul concludes the book.  You might come up with different main points.  That’s fine, as long as they cover the material found in the book of Romans.  An outline will help you remember what you’ve learned.  Try memorizing these main points we developed in the book of Romans.


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