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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

I am excited about the study adventure I’m beginning with you today. Let me introduce you during the first weeks of this year to the apostle Paul, then I’ll take the rest of the year to study Paul’s most important letter – the book of Romans.  I believe this could be a life changing journey. Each day will add a piece to the multi-colored, multi-dimensional picture of Paul’s life. What we’ll find has roots going all the way back to Genesis and much material throughout the Old Testament. 

Paul knew the Old Testament well, having been brought up in the strict home of a Pharisee in the city of Tarsus. His family moved to Jerusalem where he was taught by Gamaliel, the recognized first century scholar. His dramatic conversion caused him to see and then experience the fulfillment of all God promised in the Old Testament about His purpose and plan through the Messiah, Jesus Christ. 

We’ll begin our journey by doing a biographical study of Paul, also known as Saul, as found in the New Testament. There are three steps in doing a biographical study: collect information about his life in the Bible, correlate what you find into an outline, then, crystalize what you discover into applications to your own life.  Start by reading Acts 7:57 and then Acts 9 through 28.  

You, like Paul, have a purpose for being alive.  Do you know what that purpose is?  I trust this study will help you discover God's purpose and plan for your life.


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