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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

While reading the Bible it’s important to interact with what you’re reading.  Questions like, “Is that right?”  “Where is that mentioned elsewhere in the Bible?”  “Is this consistent with what my pastor, friend or Bible study group concluded at our last meeting?”  Try crystallizing in your mind what you’re reading.  

There are times this process just happens.  As you’re reading, a thought germinates in your mind.  As it develops you might still be reading the text.  Two things are going on at the same time.  When this happens, I usually stop long enough to try writing out the thought developing in my mind.  I then might read on to a logical break in the account or stop after writing the thought down. 

Take some time for reflection or meditation.  Try re-writing the thought more clearly and cogently.  Think about cross-checking to see if the thought is consistent with what God says elsewhere in His Word.  Sometimes this process leads to a re-writing of the thought, so it says in your words what you understand God is saying in the text.  Then prayerfully apply in your own life what you’ve written out.  I call such a thought an impact thought. 

While reading the record in Luke 15:11-32, about the father with two sons, the younger one being the prodigal son, a thought started developing in my mind about the destructive nature of jealousy.  In our next visit I’ll share with you the impact thought I came up with. 


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